You never really get a break because as soon as one round of tests/essays/projects are over, another one comes along.

I would say I need stress relieving sex about right now but honestly I’m just so far gone with everything I might just sobbing in the middle of it and that’s not really cute.


*puts my bro’s dick in my hand*

see, its a metaphor. it’s only gay if i jack it

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I’m catching up on Shameless and I’m just so stressed out everything is falling apart Fiona is stressing me out HOW AM I GONNA GET MYSELF BACK HOME


the best New Years text I got

Living at home won’t be so bad I’ll have money my parents and my cat

But I’ll be forced to be celibate for the entire summer because the male population of Chestertown is maybe a quarter step above the earthworm population and I don’t have anyone from College Park I’m steady with anymore


So I just found out that there’s a corporation in Chestertown called ILSBio that’s only blocks away from my house and as much as I would love to be living in College Park over the summer, I’m broke as shit with barely enough money to pay for my parking permit for next year, and I don’t feel comfortable asking my parents to pay for summer rent.  So if I can get a Real People Job in Chestertown I’ll save so much money, it’ll give me credentials, I’ll have money to save for the apartment and Commons will be there for next summer.